Saturday, March 22, 2008

Now Where Did I Put That Note?

sticky notes surroudning computer screen

Are you a visually-oriented person who works best when certain bits of information are kept right in front of you? Here are some alternatives to the little-scraps-of-paper-everywhere approach, or the sticky notes on the computer.

memo holder with single alligator clip; base is a seated penguin

1. If you just need a place to keep a couple things, the memo holders at Office Playgound might work for you. This is just one of a number of options.

Then there's the special interest memo holders, for those interested in physical therapy or those who love Scotties. And there's also this very cool skull, and this shark, and these buildings. Update on August 7, 2010: Sadly, these special-interest memo holders have mostly disappeared. But the cool skull is still here!

two memo holders with fish head base

2. These fish head memo holders also have limited capacity.

tower of alligator clips holding notes - and keys

3. The Tower of Clips comes from the MoMA Store. They say it's made of remnant steel from the tabletop industry.

desktop organizer - 6 brightly-colored rubber bands hold items to acrylic board

4. The MoMA Store also has this item they call the Snap-It-Up Organizer.

flower-shaped desktop memo holder

5. Umbra sells the Posy Desktop. This one is widely available - at Stacks and Stacks or The Container Store, for example. Update on August 30, 2011: I'm no longer seeing this product at either of those stores - but you can find it on other sites such as, Useful Things and

desktop message holders with stone base

6. VivaTerra had these Stone Swirl Message Holders, but it appears they aren't available right now.

memo holder clipped onto computer

7. The Paper Tracker isn't as cute or pretty as some other alternatives - but it could be perfect for someone. Update on August 30, 2011: I'm no longer seeing this product.

[lead photo by Brandon Brunson]


Cynthia Friedlob said...

The Paper Tracker may not be as snazzy as the alternatives, but it looks good to me. The great (and probably only) advantage to those old CRT monitors was all that nice edge space to put the helpful little sticky notes I need! The newer LCD monitors are not quite as sticky-note friendly, so thanks for a tip that provides a solution.

Jeri Dansky said...

Cynthia, sometimes we don't need snazzy - we just need functional. I'm glad to hear this tip helped!