Sunday, March 16, 2008

Labeling the Spice Bottles

labeled spice containers in drawer

Do you keep your spice jars in a drawer, with the lids up? Do you then have a hard time finding the spice you need? The Best of Fine Cooking, 101 Tips, Winter 2008 reminds us (in tip #54) to label the top of the lid so you know in a glance what's inside.

The picture above comes from Paige; you can see pictures of how other people have done their spice drawers at:

- the petite pig

- Vivacious Vegan (scroll down to the end of the post) Update on July 2, 2013: This blog is now private.

- Martha Stewart

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Lauren Elizabeth said...

If you have a SpiceStack, you never have to label bottles or search through the pantry again. Simply load your SpiceStack with 27+ spices from the grocery store in your kitchen cabinet and use the pull down drawers to quickly find your spices while cooking. Its also great because it frees up countertop or drawer space. Check it out at and happy organizing!

Jeri Dansky said...

Lauren, I already wrote about the SpiceStack here - see number 4. It's a pretty ingenious design!

But not everyone is going to have the cabinet space for that; some people will want their spices in a drawer.