Saturday, December 27, 2008

Magnetic Boards: Beyond the Refrigerator Door

refrigerator door with magnets

Refrigerator doors serve as magnet boards for many of us - but, of course, there are other forms of magnet boards. Here are some of my favorites.

pig magnetic board

Let's start with the animals. The Purple Cow has 10 wonderful animal magnetic art boards to choose from - plus a fairy and a flower.

deer magnet board

The Orange County Museum of Art sells this deer magnet board from Decor Craft. [via Apartment Therapy] Update on Sept. 5, 2010: It seems this product is no longer available.

sheep-shaped magnetic board

And the Conran Shop has this sheep-shaped magnetic board. Update on Sept. 5, 2010: Sadly, this product seems to have disappeared, too.

nest and egg magnet boards, with bird magnets

These nest-and-egg magnet boards come with bird-shaped magnets. (Having just finished reading a wonderful book about Darwin and birds, this one caught my attention even more than it normally would have.)

large magnetic board with kitchen utensils

Moving on from the animals, Beyond the Fridge has a wide range of magnetic boards, in various sizes (and shapes). The one above is the largest. [via Retro To Go]

olives magnetic board

Days Gone By has magnetic boards with olives, coffee beans, and more.

green leather magnetic board, framed

Magnique has lots of options; the ones that caught my eye were the framed leather magnetic boards.

striped fabric magnet board

Over on Etsy, MooreMagnets has magnet boards made with many different fabrics and sizes.

magnet board made with recycled materials; map design fabric

And Etsy seller Polarity has a number of magnet boards made with recycled materials. This one with the map is my personal favorite.

magnetic map board

And finally, as a map aficionado, I appreciated this magnetic world map board.

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[refrigerator door photo by madelinetosh]

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