Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas and Other Holidays: Consumable Gifts, Part 2


Consumables are such a good gift idea that I had to do a second round. Plow & Hearth sells fatwood that's "hand cut from pine stumps left after logging - material that would other wise be disposed of as waste. It is sustainably harvested without destroying the structure and humus content of the soil."


I've written about adopting a lobster trap or an olive tree - but how about adopting a chicken and getting its organic eggs each week? Update on Nov. 23, 2010: Sadly, this program doesn't seem to be available any more.

University of Michigan postage stamps

Many of us use fewer stamps than we used to, since we pay bills on-line. But if you know someone who uses a reasonable number of stamps, maybe some custom photo stamps - or stamps announcing your favorite sports team - would be welcome. And yes, I did go to the University of Michigan. [via Cool Mom Picks]

Jesus bandages

I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but I just couldn't resist mentioning the Jesus bandages. (Too bad there's a free toy inside - that makes this not entirely a clutter-free gift.) has a whole range of odd bandages: pickles, sushi, toast, pirates, fairies and more. Another option would be the boo-boo bandages from Tiny Tillia. Update on Nov. 23, 2010: The Tiny Tillia bandages don't seem to be available any more.

world peace temporary tattoos

What about temporary tattoos? In keeping with the season, I figured I'd show these world peace tattoos - but of course there are lots of options. Update on Dec. 2, 2012: It seems these world peace tattoos are no longer available.

cute garbage bag from Japan

And as I sat pondering what other consumables most of us use, garbage bags came to mind. And not your boring garbage bags. It would help to read Japanese if you wanted to order these garbage bags or any of the other wonderful options created as part of the Garbage Bag Art Work Project. [via Pink Tentacle]

But you could more easily get the pink-with-polka-dots garbage bags sold by TRASH: anycoloryoulike. [via Environmental Graffiti] Or you could also get black and white damask garbage bags. Update on Dec. 2, 2012: I'm not longer seeing the TRASH bags being sold anywhere.

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