Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Letting Go of Mistakes

agenda chats (cats)

Isn't that a darling cat calendar? But how did I not understand that it's a agenda book, not a wall calendar?

Each year I buy someone her calendar for the year, usually with a cat theme. I thought I'd get her something different this year, and ordered this one from Amazon in France - and this one, too! (I couldn't pick, and I knew she could always use two wall calendars.)

But once they arrived, I saw my error. First, I checked with my friend to make sure she couldn't use them - and sure enough, she really couldn't. (I've since bought her a nice wall calendar I found at a local store.)

Then I had to decide what to do with the incredibly cute agendas. I realized I wasn't going to use them myself - and then I did what I advise my clients to do, and found them new homes. After all, we're just starting the new year - if I'm going to give them away, this is the time to do it. So I listed them on my local Freecycle group, and they are going to two people who will use them and get joy from them.

And now I don't have them sitting around, reminding me of my mistake. "Done is done," as Morgaine said in The Mists of Avalon. I might as well start 2009 without the darling (but useless) agendas cluttering my home.

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Cat Queeen said...

I love the cat calendar! Dogs have masters, cats have staff ;)