Saturday, December 13, 2008

Magazine Racks: Some Mighty Fine Choices

cherry wood magazine rack

A magazine rack made by Graham Christmas - how's that for a way to be seasonal? Update on August 3, 2016: I'm no longer finding this exact rack, but I see a similar one designed by James Ryan and made by Douglas Foster.

teak magazine rack

Don't want to spend 450 pounds for a magazine rack? This magazine rack, in teak or cherry, is much less expensive.

red magazine rack

Seeing this colorful magazine rack [via Apartment Therapy] reminded me it's been a while since I've featured such items - so here are some of the more interesting magazine racks I've seen lately. Update on Oct. 21, 2009: Sadly, this magazine rack is no longer shown on the Crate and Barrel web site.

hand-shaped wall magazine rack

The Handy Triple Wall Magazine Rack made me smile - and there's also the Hug magazine rack, for those who need something smaller.

wall-mounted magazine rack

This simple wall-mounted magazine rack lets you showcase one of the magazine covers. [via From Europe] Update on July 21, 2013: I'm no longer finding this at the website that once sold this.

black magazine holder

The MagBag is available in black or white, and can be bought here or here. [via Bloesem]

magazine baskets

Magazine baskets are another nice option; these are some of the most attractive ones I've seen.

tapestry magazine rack

Scotts of Stow provides a tapestry magazine rack. Update on Nov. 30, 2012: Scotts of Stow no longer has this magazine rack, although it does have another one.

woven leather magazine rack

You can always count on Gumps for an elegant option; here's a woven leather magazine rack.

stunning magazine holder

And this magazine holder from GreenTree Home is simply stunning. If you buy from GreenTree, you're supporting a small studio furniture business - always a nice thing to do.

magazine rack made from recycled bottle caps

And finally, here's a magazine rack made from recycled bottle caps. Update on March 5, 2011: I'm no longer finding this magazine rack on the web.

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