Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas and Other Holidays: Gifts That Add to the Collection

frog sculpture, bronze

Some people who visit my home notice I have a number of frog-related pieces.

frog picture

And yes - I've become quite fond of frogs since I moved into my home 20 years ago, and found my pond attracted them.

frog mask

But, guess what - this does not mean I necessarily want frog-themed gifts. I don't want my home to become overrun with frogs!

Similarly, I've had clients who have stopped collecting something - either their tastes changed, or they just decided they had enough of whatever. Even though they told their family and friends about this, they still got gifts to add to the collection!

So if you're planning to buy someone a teddy bear because she has 10 of them, and obviously likes them, you might make sure she really wants another one. But if someone has an active collection of something and wants to expand it, go ahead and help!

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[photos: bronze sculpture from Frogman, bought before he became a well-known artist; frog picture, reprint from the cover of Communication Arts; frog mask on doorbell box]


Julie Bestry said...

Sometimes, Jeri, I really think someone's boosting the psychic connection between the two of us...see the frog in my blog post this week...the same post in which I added a comment about YOUR blog.

I get the whole "Accidental Collector" experience. Geez, a girl moos *one time* and suddenly becomes the recipient of stuffed cows, plastic cows, ceramic cows...

Katherine H said...

Hi, Jeri. Thanks for visiting my Inching Toward Simplicity blog! It led me to check out your site, and I'm glad I did. You've got some interesting stuff here, and I SO envy your reign over clutter, looking around my own house at the moment! Have you ever read Dan Ho's Rescue from Domestic Perfection? Some of your collection thoughts remind me of his-you both keep it cool.
Keep organizing and decluttering!
Katherine Hauswirth

Jeri Dansky said...

Katherine, that's one book I've managed to miss - thanks for the pointer, it sounds good.

Julie, at least we just get frogs and cows. I spoke to someone today who wound up with a collection of skulls and skull-decorated items. (She does happen to like skulls, so it's not quite as weird as it sounds.) Once you get a few of something, people often assume you want to add to the "collection."