Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Deck the Refrigerator Doors for Christmas

three magnets, each with a French hen

If you like using your refrigerator doors for art displays or messages, then refrigerator magnets are probably one of your organizing tools. Here are some Christmas-themed magnets, starting with three French hens from Button Boutique on Etsy. Update on Dec. 10, 2010: I'm not seeing any holiday-related magnets at this store any more.

four Christmas / winter magnets

Staying on Etsy, Cakespy has this set of four magnets, mostly with a winter theme - but one of them does have a reindeer. Update on Dec. 10, 2010: This store doesn't have any magnets for sale at this time.

bottlecap Christmas magnets

And Etsy seller JessJaye Designs has bottlecap magnets. Update on Dec. 10, 2010: I'm not seeing holiday magnets on this site any more, either.

3 Christmas magnets: tree, snowflake, star

Beyond the Fridge has lovely simple magnets: trees, stars, snowflakes. Right now there's a special deal if you buy all nine Christmas magnets. Update on Dec. 10, 2010: That special deal is gone - but the magnets are still there!

Christmas peace magnet, with mice

House-Mouse Antics has a numbers of whimsical magnets.

Santa magnet

Wacky Magnets has a number of not-so-wacky magnets for the holidays; although I'm showing a Christmas one, they also have some for Chanukah and Kwansaa - and New Year's Eve. Update on Nov. 7, 2012: I'm no longer seeing any holiday magnets on the site where I first found this. I see a site named Wacky Magnets, but I don't know if its the same company.

Christmas magnet set

This Christmas magnet set is available many places on the web - but even though I usually focus on the unusual, I'm including this one because it looks so pretty. Update on Dec. 10, 2010: This set doesn't seem to be available any more.

Gund reindeer plush animal magnet

This is the a Gund Magnatudes reindeer magnet - Gund plush animals can now come to your refrigerator door! There are "magnets in the 4 paws and in the back."

cow in wreath magnet

And finally, I couldn't resist sharing this cow-in-the-wreath magnet with you.

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Jeri - Thanks for the Magnet Shout Out! Greetings from Wisconsin (=
Happy Organizing!! -Jessjaye