Monday, December 8, 2008

Update: Simplifying Christmas by Saving Time on Gift Wrapping

reusable gift wrap bags

For many of us, anything that simplifies the gift-wrapping process is much appreciated - especially when that wrapping is both lovely and resuable. While I mentioned many gift wrap options last year, here are some new ones.

Delight sells RuMe Reusable Bags in two sizes. Those buying gifts from Delight can select a RuMe bag as the gift wrap. Update on Nov. 28, 2011: Delight is gone, but you can still get the RuMe gift bags.

gift bags

Maris Sharp in Brittany makes gift bags from linen and from classic French fabrics. You can have them personalized with a name or initials, but that would limit the receiver's ability to reuse the bag. Update on Nov. 29, 2009: Sadly, the web site selling these seems to have disappeared.

Christmas gift bag

The Gift Bag Factory has some incredible bags - both seasonal and other - with original artwork by a number of illustrators. The bags are paper, but the manufacturer insists they are sturdy and made to resist tears. The bags are available through retailers throughout the U.S.; the web site provides a list. Update on Sept. 26, 2010: The Gift Bag Factory web site has disappeared.

felt drum gift box

Package Makes Perfect sells these felt drum gift boxes by the case - could you use 12? Update on Sept. 26, 2010: The Package Makes Perfect web site is no longer there.

colorful wine gift bags

These lovely wine bags from Aster & Sage are sold at stores in the U.S. and Canada. [via Apartment Therapy]

gifts bags from fabric samples

And over on Etsy, Anitra Cameron makes gift bags from "recycled fabric samples from interior design houses. They're perfect for jewelry, gift cards, cell phones, or any other small gift." Tell her the kind of look you want, and she'll make three bags for you. Update on Nov. 29, 2009: These are no longer shown on the Etsy store.

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