Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas and Other Holidays: Wish Lists and Gift Registries

wish list, child to Santa

Most of us are familiar with a child's wish list for Santa, and with wedding gift registries. Wish lists don't ensure the gifts won't be clutter - children's lists, for example, may go overboard in toy requests - but they can sure point you in the right direction.

Not everyone likes wish lists and gift registries; they remove the element of surprise, and some feel it just emphasizes the commercialization of the holidays. But for those of us who have been surprised too many times be useless gifts - from well-intentioned people who insist on sending gifts but have no idea what would be welcomed - a wish list can prevent all sorts of grief. Here are just some of the many possible ways to create such a wish list.

Maybe the most ubiquitous tool (other than pen and paper) is Amazon's wish list.

If you want to support independent bookstores, you can make a wish list on IndieBound.

Giftag is a browser plugin for Firefox or Internet Explorer. [via Lifehacker]

Organizer Bev Coggins says that on Wishpot, "each family member can make a wishlist consolidated from multiple sites and then share the wishlist with others."

Another wonderful option is the Alternative Gift Registry, where you might register for gifts of donations, gifts of time, etc. Example: "Babysitting: We're looking for people with baby-friendly houses that can take Ella for a few hours one evening so we can straighten the house and relax."

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