Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Organizing the Cards: Christmas and Holiday Card Display

lace holiday card holder

Holiday cards can be displayed on the refrigerator door or on the mantle. You could make a Christmas card mobile, create a wall display with ribbon and clips, or hang them over a piece of yarn - or get really creative. But here are some other options you could also consider.

Over on Etsy, Brenda Rose offers the lace holiday card holder shown above - but it seems to be one of a kind, so it might not last for long.

Christmas card holder quilt

Also on Etsy, from Studio J Crafts, is this Christmas card holder quilt.

memo board, Christmas pattern

And stopping by one more Etsy shop, Texas Susannie makes some of her French memo boards in holiday patterns, specifically for Christmas card display.

Christmas card holder

This Christmas card holder from Alder Welding and Fabrication is pretty darn impressive.

reindeer Christmas card holder

And I'm quite taken with this reindeer Christmas card holder. Update on Dec. 31, 2010: Unfortunately, I'm not seeing this one any more on the Heliotrope web site (where I found it originally) or anywhere else.

holiday card holder hanging

You can buy a wall hanging designed for holding holiday cards.

holiday card display wall hanging

Or you can buy a pattern and make your own.

two Christmas card wall displays

Finally, you could use the Gripping Stuff magic card tree or the company's other Christmas card hanger. (I don't see the tree on the Gripping Stuff web site store, but I found it here.)


Ariane Benefit said...

Jeri, you always have the neatest ideas! I actually found the heart shaped card holder I have hanging in my office at a thrift store for $1.00, I went there to drop off my donations and my eye went immediately to it.

It's brushed nickel color went perfectly with all my other office accessories.

Funny thing is, I like the way it looks on it's own so much I never put cards in it! It looks too cluttery! LOL

Anonymous said...

Trying to find the reindeer card holder. Anyone able to locate?
Thanks very much!
D. Ryan

Jeri Dansky said...

D. Ryan, I'm not finding it anywhere. I'm updating the post to reflect that. It's too bad - that seemed to be one of the nicest around.