Monday, December 22, 2008

10 Recipe Boxes to Treasure

Sometimes people ask where I find the inspiration for this blog. Well, sometimes I find a neat product like this recipe box on a site like Apartment Therapy, and then I start wondering what other similar items are out there. And then you get to see the results of my curiosity!

recipe box with measurement equivalents on lid

So, what else is there? Well, this recipe box, for one - with measurement equivalents listed on the lid. Update on Feb. 24, 2014: The website that sold this recipe box is gone.

wooden recipe box with sheep

Foolhardy FolkArt has a couple interesting recipe-sized boxes. Update on Feb. 15, 2011: I'm not longer seeing recipe boxes on this site.

recipe box with sheep

And staying with the sheep theme for a minute, there's this recipe box from Grandma's Farm House. Update on Dec. 31, 2010: This site seems to have disappeared.

hummingbird recipe box

Not interested in sheep? How about a hummingbird recipe box? Update in Dec. 31, 2010: I'm no longer finding this one anywhere.

recipe box with chickens

Gina B. Designs has eight different recipe boxes, including this one with the chickens.

recipe box with cutlery design

This recipe box comes from kikki.K in Australia.

unique recipe box

Iseeamoose creations makes one-of-a-kind recipe boxes. "Each recipe box is covered in a vintage recipe booklet and comes with an eclectic assortment of twenty-eight recipes collected from a variety of antique and unique cook books, as well as nine divider cards."

recipe box with historical design

American Art Traditions makes recipe boxes with historical designs. This one has a "Pennsylvania German pattern ... based on a small chest dated 1787 on display at the Reading Museum."

recipe box with mushroom, fish, bell pepper

And finally, here's one of the colorful recipe boxes from Sticks.

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