Thursday, December 18, 2008

Make Your Flat Screen TV Disappear When Not in Use

plasma TV lift cabinet

Storage containers of any sort intrigue me. Besides boxes and baskets and such, I love ogling the beautiful storage furniture that's available. When it comes to storing the TV out of sight (which some people like to do, with good reason), I certainly knew about pieces such as TV/entertainment cabinets and armoires, from sources like Horchow Home Interiors and my blog sponsor, GreenTea Design. But I didn't realize (until a few hours ago) that there are TV lift cabinets designed to provide hide-it-away storage for flat-screen plasma TVs.

The cabinet above comes from Hardwood Artisans; what a stunning piece!

cherry tv lift cabinet

Pompanoosuc Mills provides this TV lift cabinet in solid cherry.

TV lift cabinet

Sligh Furniture Co. provides this substantial piece; those are faux doors on the center base cabinet.

small black TV lift cabinet

Or you can get a much smaller piece, like this one from Supatra.

beautiful custom TV lift cabinet

This unusual custom piece comes from Fogelvik Funriture.

silk upholstered TV lift cabinet

And this one, with the silk upholstery, comes from Salisbury Artisans.

Some other places you might want to check for TV lift cabinets are Touchstone Home Products, Cabinet Tronix, Nexus 21, and Dégagé.


Peter Maxson said...

If you don't have a cabinet to come out of, especially for over a fireplace, check out YOu can hide it all behind your framed art, and it flips up for viewing the tv, creating: a block for cieling reflecdtion, accessability to the tv for tilting or articulating tv mounts which allow for perpendicular viewing, as well as creating a theatre like environment where all peripheral vision is Black, you see no hardware and are not watching tv in a picture frame.

Jeri Dansky said...

How interesting! I see there's also VisionArt - which does involve a frame, but might be more to some people's taste.

tv furniture units said...

A TV stand that can hide your TV set is a really neat piece of furniture. There really are people who don't like to have their TV sets on display 24/7, especially the ones with traditionally styled homes.

mini flat screen said...

wow that first one is sweet, thief wont even know there is a TV :)