Saturday, June 6, 2009

Reader Question: Pet Stuff Storage (Part 4: Toy Box Update)

cat toy box

OK, the reader question that sparked this series did not ask about toy boxes. But if we're discussing pet-related storage, I just had to do an update from my last post on this subject.

I mean, how could I not pass along something like the cat toy box above, from Merlin's Bark Products over on Etsy? There's a dog version, too.

bone-shaped wooden pet toy box

Staying on Etsy, here's another pet toy box, from Woodin' You. It comes in three sizes.

flamboyant hand painted pet toy box

And if your tastes run to the flamboyant, it's hard to beat the hand-painted pet toy boxes from Jakey BB. (And Jakey BB also makes leash hooks!)

cedar pet toy box

Moving on from Etsy, here's a cedar pet toy box from Dynamic Accents (available here, among other places).

dog toy box, pink, with dog

This dog toy box comes in a range of colors, and you can choose to have it personalized with your dog's name. Update on June 19, 2011: The site selling this product has disappeared.

dog toy chest

And this dog toy chest comes in two colors, and can also be personalized. Update on June 19, 2011: Orvis, which sold this toy chest, no longer does so.

dog toy box

Petstages makes a range of pet toys, so it's not surprising the company also makes a dog toy box. (There's no cat toy box, though!)

toy box with dog

And finally, there's this dog toy box from Relay's Diner, available in two sizes.

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