Friday, June 19, 2009

Many More Ways to Store the Laundry

blue laundry basket, round, willow

Laundry bags, laundry hampers, laundry sorters - what else is left, you ask? Plenty! The first and most obvious is the laundry basket. (Vocabulary clarification: I'm using laundry basket to refer to baskets that are wide rather than tall, and have no lid. But plenty of people use the term laundry basket to refer to what I've called a hamper.)

The basket above comes from Katherine Lewis of Durbar Gardens, whose laundry baskets were showcased on her Willow Basketmaker blog. They comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

oval laundry basket

The laundry baskets above come from The Basket Lady.

square laundry basket

For yet another different style of laundry basket, you could go to the Peterboro Basket Company.

laundry basket

And hopping across the ocean, this laundry basket comes from Great British Baskets.

laundry trolleys - or carts - with colorful Hawaiian prints

OK, change of pace. Stitch Designworks makes some eye-popping laundry trolleys with Hawaiian prints. Update on July 29, 2011: Stitch Designworks doesn't seem to make these products any more.

laundry backpack

You could also get a laundry backpack, in one of four prints.

portable laundry hamper

And then there's the portable laundry hamper from Caddy Concepts, available in four different colors. This could also serve as a shopping cart, like those I saw all over Paris. And a shopping cart could, in turn, serve as a laundry cart. My friends in Paris used their cart both ways.

Want even more ideas? See the crunch can in one of my prior posts. Consider Umbra's over-the-door hamper. Or use a storage ottoman for laundry, as suggested by Apartment Therapy.

tilt-out laundry hamper in a closet

Or get a pull-out or tilt-out laundry hamper built into your closet, if you're luck enough to have a closet system. Almost any closet company will have this option.

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