Saturday, June 27, 2009

In Honor of SF Pride: Rainbow Organizing Products

rainbow flag

It's San Francisco Pride Weekend - which inspired me to go looking for rainbow-themed containers and other organizing products.

rainbow magnets

First up: rainbow magnets from Buttonhead. Update on June 5, 2013: Buttonhead doesn't sell these magnets any more.

rainbow trout magnet

OK, this is a rainbow trout magnet - but it's still rainbow colors. It's one of the many fun magnets from Laughing Fridge Art Magnets. Update on June 5, 2013: I'm not seeing this magnet for sale any more.

keepsake box rainbow colors

And here's a keepsake box with rainbow colors.

rainbow treasure box, glass

Returning to actual rainbows, there's this rainbow treasure box from Martin Designs.

Hello Kitty rainbow lunch box

And finally, we have the Hello Kitty rainbow lunch box - which, of course, could hold something other than lunch. Update on June 23, 2013: This lunch box is no longer available.

[flag photo by brainchildvn / Charlie Nguyen, licensed under Creative Commons]


Chris said...

Have you posted about suitcase storage?

Jeri Dansky said...

Chris, I just did; see this post. Thanks for the inspiration!