Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reader Question: Pet Stuff Storage (Part 2: Hooks for Leashes)

key and leash holder made from recycled scrap materials

Hooks are a natural answer for hanging leashes by the door. While there's obviously no need to buy a dog-themed hook for the leashes, there are a number of options if you do want such a hook. Many of them didn't do much for me - but here are some that did catch my eye.

The Happy Puppy key and leash holder above is made from recycled scrap materials, which means each piece is a bit different from all others. Update on January 10, 2012: See more of the Yardbirds key/leash holders here. There are cat versions, too.)

bone leash rack, metal, with the word WOOF

Bones are a common theme in leash holders; here's a dog bone rack. Update on January 9, 2012: The site that was selling this leash holder no longer has it.

bone leash rack, metal, with word DOG

And here's another dog-bone-themed leash holder.

mosaic tile dog leash holder, bone shaped

Moving beyond metal options, here's a mosaic tile bone-shaped dog leash holder.

hooks from IKEA

These hooks from IKEA aren't sold on the web site, but maybe you can find them in the store. [photo by indigo_jones / Alison, licensed under Creative Commons]

leash holder, tile with wood frame

This leash holder comes from Nancy DeYoung.

custom leash holder with pet's name

You can get a leash holder custom-made with your pet's name. Update on January 9, 2012: The site that was selling these seems to have disappeared.

paw print leash holder

Over on Etsy you can get a paw print leash holder.

leash holder poles

And moving away from simple wall hooks, here's another way to store leashes.

Update on June 6, 2009: You can find one more hook in Part 4 of this series, listed below.

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Leonard said...


Great stuff. Have you seen the dog and cat toy storage boxes at They are repetitively inexpensive and will hold all kinds of things for your pets. Take a look.


Jeri Dansky said...

Leonard: No, I hadn't seen these. Thanks for the pointer!

Tony coke said...

haha those dog rear ends are hilarious. Those are some great ideas for storing your leashes or extra collars!