Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Reader Question: Pet Stuff Storage (Part 1: Pet Armoires)

dog wardrobe from Harrods

I love your Organizing and Decluttering News. Have you seen anything for more complete pet storage--not just toys? A cabinet to keep leashes, collars, clothes, grooming items? Maybe something with drawers and doors? If so, I think a post on this would be great!

Let's start with the clothes. There could be lots of answers - you certainly don't have to use something specifically designed for pet clothes - but my goodness, I just had to share the armoires and wardrobes I found. Who knew? The dog wardrobe above is from Harrods [photo from waldopepper; licensed under Creative Commons], but isn't available on Harrods web site. But there are many other choices!

pet armoire

Amber's Armoires claims to be "the original pet armoire." There are two different styles available. [via Incredible Things]

pet clothes wardrobe

This is the Pet Studio Soho Wardrobe. Update on Feb. 14, 2016: I'm no longer finding this product.

Pet Studio Sleep 'N Store

And this is the Pet Studio Sleep 'N Store - a combination pet bed and clothes storage cabinet. Update on Feb. 14, 2016: I'm not finding this one any more, either.

pet wardrobe

Ibiyaya provides a lot of options, not all of which seem to be available through distributors yet, but you can write to the company about purchasing the products. This is the Ibiyaya pets wardrobe, sold here (and many other places). Update on Feb. 14, 2016: I'm no longer finding anyone selling the Ibiyaya products for pet clothes.

pet wardrobe

Here is Ibiyaya's BlingBling wardrobe. Update on June 13, 2011: I'm no longer finding this product on the web.

dog clothes rack

And here's something different from Ibiyaya: a pet clothes rack (sold here, among other places).

dog armoire, large

G.W. Little says this dog armoire - the Bon' Armoire - is the largest dog closet available. The company also makes another dog armoire.

dog armoire

Finally, my favorite might be this doggy armoire from Plume 'n Tails, made from recycled or reclaimed wood. Update on June 13, 2011: Sadly, I can no longer find this one anywhere.

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