Friday, June 5, 2009

Reader Question: Pet Stuff Storage (Part 3: The Practical Stuff)

Pet Buddies hanging organizer

Have you seen anything for more complete pet storage--not just toys? A cabinet to keep leashes, collars, clothes, grooming items? Maybe something with drawers and doors?

I see three basic approaches to the pet-stuff challenge: products that hang on a door or the wall, organizers that hang in the closet, and shelves/cabinets.

1. Products that hang on the door

Your basic over-the-door shoe holder - or other similar products - could certainly be used for pet paraphernalia.

And then there are a couple products being marketed especially for pets. One is the Mutt Pack, included in that prior post. There's also Pet Buddies, shown above. Update on March 31, 2016: I'm not longer finding the Pet Buddies product.

2. Organizers that hang in the closet

Shoe or sweater organizers that hang from a rod in the closet could also be used for pet stuff. You can get those organizers with drawers, too, if you'd prefer.

closet for dog stuff

3. Shelves and cabinets

I have a friend who stores all her dog-related items in a few drawers in her kitchen, because she has extra drawers there, and it's very close to where she'd actually use the items.

Other options could include baskets on a bookshelf, or something like an elfa drawer system or this Ikea product.

And, of course, some people have come up with just-for-dogs options, such as the Canine Couture Closets, one of which is shown above. Update on March 29, 2016: I'm no longer finding the Caine Couture Closets.

dog locker

There are also the Dog Lockers from Mind's Eye Creations. Update on March 29, 2016: I'm no longer finding this company or this product.

Does anyone else have good ideas for storing all the pet paraphernalia?

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