Monday, June 22, 2009

Storing the Surfboards

ceiling surfboard rack

Since I live close to a major surfing location, maybe it's time I wrote about how to store the surfboards. One option is ceiling-mounted racks; the ones shown above are Tboneracks.

wall rack for surfboards

And then there are wall racks. This is a custom rack from Wind and Wave Designs. Update on Aug. 1, 2012: Wind and Wave Designs seems to have disappeared.

surfboard wall rack

The Nice Rack is a basic wall rack - but it's made from recycled plastic.

horizontal and vertical surfboard racks

Here's an unusual option. "The Finger Grip is made from soft EVA foam and securely fastens to wall surfaces using super strong double-sided foam tape." Both horizontal and vertical racks are available.

surfboard racking system

And then there's the zRax board racking system.

surfboard hanger, works on bricks

The Brick Grip Surf Board Hanger is an interesting specialty product.

free-standing surfboard racks

And of course there are freestanding racks, too. This one comes from HBS Racks. The company also makes wall-mounted racks.

Want even more options? Take a look at Corsurf, Surf Trunks, Hawaiian Gun Rack, and the Dabco Gatekeeper line of products.

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John Trosko said...


You stole my thunder. What a great idea for a post in California!

Jeri Dansky said...

John, the local magazine I edit has been running stories lately about surf shops, surfing movies, and such; that's part of what triggered the post.