Monday, June 29, 2009

Fabric Buckets, Boxes and Bins

two fabric buckets, cotton

For all of us who love a good container, fabric buckets (also called boxes and bins on various web sites) are worth a look. While many sites will tell you how to make your own, here are some ready-made ones for those of us who don't foresee a DIY project in our futures. The toy storage tubs above (which could have many other uses) are made from Liberty cotton. Four different patterns are available.

linen and canvas storage box - or bucket

Bookhou makes some elegant and lovely fabric storage boxes - they're linen with a canvas lining. [via Apartment Therapy and Bloesem]

bins - linen and cotton

Jenna Rose has bins in two sizes - these are the large ones. [via Apartment Therapy and Babygadget] Update on Feb. 14, 2010: You can buy these on the Jenna Rose Etsy shop.

fabric bucket from Italy

And over on Etsy, EccoItaly has some eye-popping options.

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