Thursday, June 11, 2009

Storage Options: A Bevy of Buckets

nautical themed buckets with seagull and lighthouse

This post is dedicated to John Trosko of OrganizingLA, who loves all things nautical. John, the minute I saw these buckets I thought of you.

fabric-covered bucket

Of course, not everyone shares John's enthusiasm for the nautical - and that's fine, since there are many other interesting buckets. Over on Etsy, The Bug's Ear makes lovely fabric-covered galvanized buckets. The store has a number of other patterns, too.

fabric-covered bucket

I've mentioned Tiny Décor's fabric buckets before, but Tiny Décor also makes fabric-covered buckets.

square tin bucket with picture of a house

And finally, this bucket from Audrey's Country Crafts intrigued me because I don't often see square tin buckets.

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