Friday, March 20, 2009

Wonderful Storage in Wood: For Guitars, Gloves, Tools

guitar storage / display chest

A guitar chest? Who knew anyone made such a thing - much less such a gorgeous thing? Ozark Valley Displays is the company we can thank for this.

glove chest

I'd never heard of a glove chest, either - but here it is, from Renaissance Design. (You can also get a glove chest from Dukewood.) Update on Feb. 25, 2012: Dukewood no longer has a glove chest.

wood tool chest

Tool chests aren't unusual - but I've never seen anything like the Gerstner tool chests, in all sorts of sizes and configurations, from a portable chest with a handle, to tabletop chests, to substantial pieces of furniture.

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Lee said...

Many women are using chests similar to the tool chest you featured to store mineral makeup. Most are purchasing mass produced chests at local building supply stores. I saw one of these hand made chests and it was absolutely gorgeous.

Jeri Dansky said...

Lee, I'm glad to know they are as gorgeous in person as they seemed on the web!