Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Reader Question: Recycling and Reuse Options for Readers All Around the USA

East Coast of the United States

Hi there. I do get your wonderful email edition of Organizing tips ... but I noticed that the swap and recycle sites are mostly west coast. How bout some sites for those of us on the east coast?

Sure! Let me start out with some national (and international) options, and then move on to organizations on the East Coast.

National and International Recycling/Reuse Options

Earth911 logo

First, let me point you to the excellent Earth911, which has information about places that take a wide range of items for recycling and reuse, throughout the U.S. Just some of the categories included are:
- bicycles
- carpet
- clothing
- household furniture
- mattresses
- metal clothes hangers
- musical instruments
- packing peanut reuse
- toys

freecycle logo

And of course craigslist and Freecycle are global resources for moving things on to new locations. Hand-me-downs is sometimes called craigslist for babies.

Goodwill logo

Goodwill is a national organization, and Vietnam Veterans of America serves many states, including most of the East Coast.

Cinderella Project of New Hampshire logo

A number of different programs in many states collect formal gowns and accessories and provide them to high school students who can't afford prom dresses. We're approaching prom season, so if you've got something to donate, check for your local program. (The Cinderella Project of New Hampshire is one such program.)

Dress for Success logo

And another international program worth noting is Dress for Success, a great place to donate interview-appropriate clothing for women. Career Gear is a similar program for men's clothing; there are only five locations, but four are on the East Coast.

reuse-a-shoe logo

Nike's Reuse-a-Shoe has drop-off locations for athletic shoes throughout the U.S. and in nine other countries.

The Furniture Co-Op logo

And if you have furniture you don't need, try finding a local furniture bank. (The Furniture Co-Op in Connecticut is one such program.)

Resources specific to the East Coast

Some of these are individual organizations, and some are listings of places to make donations. This is just a very short sampling of the many organizations that could use what you no longer need.

New England: EPA: Reuse in New England

Boston: Big Brother Big Sister Foundation

Cambridge, Mass and vicinity: Department of Public Works

New York City: NYCWasteLe$$ - New Homes for Old Stuff

New Jersey: American Red Cross & We Collect Clothes

Washington, D.C: Miriam's Kitchen

Washington D.C. area: Bikes for the World

Raleigh, North Carolina: Swap Shop

Atlanta: Genesis Shelter

Central Florida: The Mustard Seed Furniture and Clothing Bank (which also takes donations of household items)

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Anonymous said...

please add HOusingWorks NYC

Jeri Dansky said...

Anonymous, I did include Housing Works; it's on the list from NYCWasteLe$$.

Deb Zechini said...

For wedding gowns and evening wear you can consign your items at Gorgeous Gowns in Cary NC.

And here is something new to our area:
The company will clean out your garage for FREE and recycle and resale any items they tote off.

For sell and recycle electronics:

Hope this helps, Deb Zechini

Jeri Dansky said...

Thanks, Deb!