Friday, March 20, 2009

First Aid Boxes with Flair

la boite a pharmacie - first aid box

First aid boxes can be created using all sort of different products (including tackle boxes and craft boxes) - but if you'd like something a bit special, you can certainly find that. The box above is one of the wonderful tins from 100drine, available in the U.S. from Saveur du Jour. Update on January 2, 2012: This box is no longer available at Saveur du Jour, but you can buy it from Sentou and The Little Zebra (and many other sites) in Europe, and 48 Degrees North in Australia.

stylish first aid box

This stylish stainless-steel first aid box comes from Radius in Germany; it comes in two sizes.

first aid box - enamel

This first-aid box is made from enamel-finished metal.

first aid tin

Here's a first aid tin from blendboutique in the U.K. Update on March 29, 2011: This product is no longer sold by blendboutique, but I see it here.

first aid tin with floral cross

And this first aid tin uses a floral cross instead of a red cross.

first aid tote box from recycled materials

Finally, this first aid box is made from recycled tomato paste drums! Update on March 29, 2011: This one seems to have disappeared, too.

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