Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Twitter Finds: Organizing Products, Large and Small

cabinet with Union Jack

I've just started using Twitter - and that's the subject for a different post. But I got curious as to what I might find via Twitter Search - and here are the results.

Susan Rapp (@UrbanDecorSue) sent me to Jimmie Martin Ltd - and pieces like the one shown above.

clothes stand

The folks at Furniture Fashion (@furniture27) pointed me to this clothes stand from Porada in Italy - and the company makes many other wonderful clothes stands, too.

four seasons magnets

And for those with a smaller budget, there are the magnets from Run Alice Run (@RARmagnets); see her Etsy shop for lots of nice choices.

whimsical jewlery box with figure of guardian angel

Finally, another tweet sent me to the white rabbit jewelry box which seems to have already been sold - but you can see many other whimsical jewelry boxes in Yali Paz-Gilboa's etsy store; this one is a guardian angel. She has doll magnets, too.


Marilyn Bohn said...

It is always a treat to come to your blog. I love your wonderful "finds". You amaze me!

Jeri Dansky said...

Marilyn, thank you so much - your comments made a very nice day even nicer! It's so much fun to share my "finds" with others who enjoy them as much as I do.