Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fun with Storage: Fabric Buckets

fabric bucket

Fabric buckets provide a splash of color and pattern to jazz up any room - and at not-too-crazy prices. This bucket by Lotta Jansdotter costs $32 (plus shipping, and possibly tax) and is the most expensive of the choices listed here. Update on April 15, 2012: Lotta Jansdotter doesn't seem to sell these any more.

fabric storage bucket with animals

Other nice buckets are available through various Etsy shops. This fabric storage bucket comes from Henry and Zoe; right now, there are nine different fabrics available.

fabric bucket with mopeds

You can also head over to Henry and Zoe Studio Designs for more fabric buckets, including this one. (Name corrected on June 28, 2009)

pair of fabric buckets

These fabric buckets come from White Rabbit 21; right now, the store has seven different bucket choices.

four fabric buckets

And these fabric buckets come from How About Orange. Update on April 15, 2012: The owner of this Etsy shop is closing it down.

fabric bins

Sewing Momma provides these fabric bins. Update on April 15, 2012: This Etsy store seems to have disappeared.

linen bucket

Inklore has this linen bucket. Update on June 5, 2013: These buckets are no longer available; Samantha Hirst, who ran the shop, has refocused on other types of products.

felt bucket

And finally, leaving Etsy, Tiny D├ęcor has felt buckets, made from 100% organic cotton. Update on April 15, 2012: This web site disappeared — but seems to have re-appeared on Etsy.


Anna Mack said...

I just started fabric buckets on etsy too!!!!

Jeri Dansky said...

Ooh - nice stuff, Anna! Best wishes with your Etsy store.