Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hooks I Wish Were Sold in America

Kariboo hook

I've been seeing some nice hooks lately - but unfortunately, they'd be difficult for those of us in the U.S. to purchase. But they're too nice not to share - and some of you do live in Europe!

First, here's the delightful Kariboo from Paolo Design in France; you might want to check out the company's other designs, too. While these are primarily designed for children, the Kariboo comes in an adult weight, too.

If you aren't close to one of the 200 or so shops throughout Europe that sell Paolo Design's products, you can also find its porte manteaux on a number of French sites; you can also find the child-weight version of the Kariboo at Unfortunately, shipping charges to the U.S. are almost 50 euros. [via Babygadget - where Justine writes that "really this looks way more like a moose."]

And then there are the wonderful options from Malin Lundmark Design of Sweden, many of which are designed for children. These were designed for Maze International, which lists a few sales agents. Another place to buy them is the Scandinavian Design Center.

Update on March 27, 2009: Malin Lundmark tells me that Eurostyleyourlife in Seattle is selling her Hook hanger; no on-line stores are selling it at the moment. You can also write to her at if you are interested in buying one.

hook with necklaces

But then there's this hook, which can work wonderfully for necklaces! The only place I've found this one for sale is Launch Design Partner; the on-line store isn't working, so you'd need to contact the company about making a purchase.

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