Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Computers and Productivity: PC vs. Mac


I love my Mac - so I was amused to read some people arguing that Macs are an essential tool for those who care about productivity.

First, let's listen to (Uncle) Mark Hurst:
Without question, buy a Mac – unless you must be compatible with a Windows network at work or school. ...

Now, for everyone else: buy a Mac. There are two main reasons to make this choice. First Macs are easier to use. The whole point of using a computer is to get things done. Given the choice between getting your work done more or less easily, why would you choose the harder option? This has always puzzled me about people choosing Windows PCs – why would they choose to be less productive?
And then there's the dialogue between Guy Kawasaki and David Allen at David's recent GTD Global Summit, as reported by Chris Blatnick:
Guy told David, "I don't see how anyone that thinks they are going to get things done uses Windows."
And them there's Lauren, who also writes about Moving to Macs for Productivity (and Prettiness).
Yes, I'm sure some of you are very productive on your PCs. But I'm just reporting on what I've been reading - and I haven't found people arguing that PCs make you more productive than Macs do.


Christy said...

Have to agree. We won a macbook air in Dec and I have been amazed at how efficient it is since it is set up so much more intuitively than PC.

And I expected that my productivity would be down initially with the switch from PC to MAC, but literally within 48 hours, using it was old hat. I expected to be disappointed, but I wouldn't switch back now for anything.

Jeri Dansky said...

Christy, that pretty much sums up my experience about 5 years ago. Getting used to the Mac was much easier than I expected.

You WON a Macbook Air? Wow!

Anelly said...

Dose there make a difference regarding productivity if you are using a Mac or PC? Hmmm.... strange. I must check this out.

Christy said...

We were 1 of 6 winners who won a contest by our Power Utility Company. Everybody who had or signed up for e-billing was entered and voila! I thought it was a prank at first. :)

Jeri Dansky said...

Christy, what a story! And what an incentive to get people to go paperless!