Monday, March 23, 2009

Bunches of Bins

bin cabinet

Sometimes a series of bins is the perfect storage solution. Here are some companies that make bin storage products. While I'm only showing one product/company, most of them make a range of useful stuff: cabinets, racks/shelving, and carts. We'll go through in alphabetical order, from A to W.

Akro-Mils makes the cabinet shown above - and many more products. [Photo from Lab Safety Supply.]

pick racks with bins

These pick racks with plastic bins are some of the many products made by Edsal Manufacturing. [Photo from]

bin cart

Flexcon Container makes this cart, and a lot more.

bin cart

LewisBins is another company with a wide range of products, including this cart.

bin cabinet

Lyon Cabinets makes just what you'd expect - cabinets.

bin wall cabinet

Sandusky Lee makes this bin wall cabinet. [photo from]

large bin cabinet

Quantum Storage is yet another company with lots to choose from, including this cabinet. [Photo from CSN Sheds]

bin rack

And finally, Whalen Storage has this bin rack with metal shelves.

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