Monday, March 2, 2009

Storing the Vinyl Records: Options for LP Collections of All Sizes

handmade birch vinyl record (LP) storage boxes

Looking for nice ways to store that vinyl record collection? (And why save the collection if you're not going to treat it well?) If the solutions I wrote about before (here and here) don't quite work for you, I've got more options! Unfortunately for those of us living in the U.S., most of these come from the U.K. or Germany, and don't seem to be available over here.

One stunning choice is the handmade birch LP storage boxes shown above. [via]

vinyl record (LP) storage cube

The stackable iCube is available in a number of colors. The company says these can be wall-mounted, too.

storage boxes for vinyl records

The Spybox is another stackable option.

vinyl record storage tower

Then there's the vinyl storage tower by Sefour, which makes DJ furniture. This is one option that is available in the U.S. [photo from Musician's Friend, one of the sites that sells this product.]

vinyl record rack

And this vinyl record rack comes from the Ballard Bookcase Company in Seattle. It holds about 270 records.

vinyl record (LP) storage shelves

For those with large collections, Deconomix has some serious shelving options. [via]

shelving system for vinyl records (LPs)

And here's a flexible vinyl record storage system from Germany. [also via] Update on April 17, 2009: Volkher Hofmann of reports that the company that made this system has gone out of business; see the comment below.

record cube

Another interesting option is the remade record cube from First Fruit Furniture Warehouse. First Fruit recycles and resells office furniture from large corporate donors. The company also says that it employs "people with a history of unemployment and/or homelessness," providing "training and support to help them move into wider employment." Update on April 2, 2011: This product doesn't seem to be available any more.

record bag

And finally, I'd like to mention the record tote bags. Odyssey Innovative Designs makes some - but personally, I'm attracted to the record bags (in various sizes) from airbag craftworks. This one, which carries up to 50 records, is made from "re-used cotton air mattress."


Emma Raw said...

First Fruit are partenrs with Green-Works, to find out more about the whole furniture programme and the other organisations involved please go to

Lee said...

I love the look of the system from Germany. I wish I could read German and could find a distributor in the United States.

Jeri Dansky said...

Lee, putting the URL into Google's translation tool works pretty well.

I can't help on the U.S. distributor, though. You could write to the company at, but it doesn't look like they sell outside of Europe.

Volkher Hofmann said...

Thanks for linking to some of my posts eons ago. :)

The German Max system has gone out of business. I found out from one of my regular readers who opted for this system and got screwed over by the company as well.

I also found some interesting LP storage solutions here and am planning on featuring some of those on my site as well. Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

My site was in hiatus for a while but is picking up speed again.

I'll be a regular around here as well. You have some very interesting stuff here for a German who thought that "Stackenblocken"

was indeed a new German TV show he had missed! ;)


P.S.: I'll add you to my link list ("Elsewhere") as well (next few minutes).

Jeri Dansky said...

Volkher, thank you so much - for the update, the kind words, and the nice write-up and link on your site.