Saturday, February 9, 2008

Five Recipe Boxes with Flair

recipe box with picture on tabs

While a basic plastic recipe box works just fine, here are some more interesting options.

1. The box above, by Charles Fradin Home, has been featured all over the place lately: in the March 2008 issue of Bon Appetit (where I saw it), on Oprah's web site, and in the Los Angeles Times. The letterpress cards and dividers are probably the big attraction.

lucite recipe box with patterned dividers

2. These lucite recipe boxes from Jack and Lulu come with attractive tabs and monogrammed index cards; there are four different designs.

2 wood recipe boxes personalized with family name

3. These wood recipes boxes are designed to be personalized. They are handmade in northern Wisconsin using locally grown and harvested aspen.

stained glass recipe box with radish motif

4. Over on Etsy, Tropical Creations sells this stained glass recipe box. Dec 2008 update: There are no recipe boxes at this store right now.

red recipe box with word Cucina

5. This recipe box comes to us from Italy. Update on Dec. 31, 2010: I'm no longer seeing this product being sold.

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