Friday, February 22, 2008

Beyond IKEA: Scandinavian Designs to Help You Organize

wood dots - hooks for coats

Looking for a simple, elegant coat hook? These wood dots might be just right. [via Apartment Therapy]

wall coat rack with jacket hanging on it

Here's a very different wall coat rack from Selki-asema.

timer and eggs

Eva Solo's magnetic kitchen timer is only one of the products worth a glance; also take a look at the wine rack, the knife magnets, the knife stand, the towel peg, the memo board and the waste bin.

wood box for storage and seating'picture of a face

Tunto Design makes this combination seat and storage box in a number of patterns and solid colors.

square container, open top

Woodnotes makes various accessories from 100 percent paper yarn fabric and from soil-repellent treated paper yarn cotton fabric. This box zone container is just one such product.

teak newspaper stand

The teak Fiona newspaper stand (also available here) is simple and lovely.

hook shaped like head and outstretched arms

Essem Design gives us the Mama hook - as well as number of other hooks, hangers, and clothes stands.

folders in many colors

And finally, here are the lovely Con Anima folders for A4 paper.


graduatedlearning said...

I've been reading your blog for a while, but I also just started reading apartment therapy (partially because you always feature their stuff).

Hopefully I'll get better at organizing and decluttering!

Jeri Dansky said...

Nice to hear from you, graduatedlearning! My brother and sister-in-law are MIT alums, too.

Apartment Therapy is one of the best blogs out there for becoming aware of furnishings with a modern look.

It's a very active blog - over 50 posts/day if you combine all the cities, and much more if you include the four sister blogs for the kitchen, the nursery, home technology, and green home. I find something related to storage or organizing almost every day.