Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Own Decluttering, Part 2

cookbooks on shelf

Inspired by Peter Walsh's Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat, I've just gone through my cookbooks. I'll be taking 23 of them to the used bookstore tomorrow.

Because my cookbooks all fit neatly on my shelves, it was easy to ignore the fact that I really didn't need or want them all any more.

The ones I'm getting rid of include:
- A cookbook I bought somewhere in France
- Some cookbooks I got as gifts
- A cookbook I got at a wonderful restaurant, autographed by the chef.

What they have in common is that I simply don't use them - and I can't see that I would in the future, either. Some focus of foods I don't eat as much of any more - I don't need a two whole cookbooks dedicated to potatoes! In some the recipes are more complex than what I'm looking for nowadays. Some have a font that's hard to read. And some just don't have recipes that appeal to me anymore.

cookbooks and recipe boxes

I'm enjoying the extra space I now have. I used to put my recipe file boxes in front of some of my cookbooks - it was the only place I had for them. Now I don't need to do that, so it's easier to get at the cookbooks.

I'm almost sure I still have more cookbooks than I need - some you see in the pictures might be added to the discard pile tomorrow morning, or six months from now. But my shelves have some breathing space again, and (almost all) of the cookbooks I have support my healthy eating goals - and that's enough for right now.

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