Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Update: Six More Shredder Options

shredder cabinet - 3 color options

1. You know you need a shredder, but you don't like how it looks in your office? The shredder cabinet might be right for you. Update on Jan. 18, 2012: I'm no longer finding this product.

Safesense shredder - stops shredding when hands are too close

2. If your concern is shredder safety, Fellowes has an answer for you. Paper shredders can indeed be a hazard to children and pets; as this article (with details that might upset you) indicates. So if you don't have a shredder with built-in safety features, please do keep it away from kids and animals, and/or unplug it when it's not in use.

USB-powered shredder in action

3. Here's a USB-powered shredder - just plug it into your computer. [via Apartment Therapy]

usb-powered shredder with bin for the shredded paper

4. And here's another USB-powered shredder!

3 pictures of USB shredder for A4 paper

5. Fareastgizmos.com reports that Thanko is now selling a USB shredder for A4 paper. However, if you don't read Japanese, you may have a hard time buying it right now. Update on Jan. 17, 2012: You can buy it here, but the shipping costs make it quite expensive.

All of these USB shredders provide only strip-cut shredding, rather than the more secure cross-cut shredding.

two gerbils

6. Finally, you could follow Zyra's advice and get some pet gerbils to do your shredding for you.

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[gerbil photo by benmckune]

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organic human shredder: chew paper and split in the garbage. simple!