Thursday, February 21, 2008

Five More Ways to Store Stuff Under the Bed

orange box on wheels for under the bed

I wrote (and you replied) about under-bed storage before: built-it storage, baskets, suitcases, vacuum storage bags. But I've just found some more interesting alternatives I wanted to share.

The Roly Basket from Maine Cottage, shown above, is available in 40 different colors, from mango (color shown) to pickle to rhubarb to buttercream. [via Apartment Therapy]

bed frame with three drawers underneath

Pacific Rim's under-bed drawers are made from maple grown in managed forests in Washington and Oregon and built entirely in Eugene, Oregon. (Also available here.) Pacific Rim's own web page doesn't show these drawers; when I wrote to ask about this, they confirmed they are indeed making the drawers, but just "haven't had the chance to add them" to the web site. [via Apartment Therapy]

under bed storage boxes, wood

Alphabeds in the U.K. sell under-bed boxes in three sizes and 10 stain options.

fabric under-bed storage box shaped like little red wagon, with those words written on it

KangaRoom has an under-bed fabric box shaped like a little red wagon. Update on September 2, 2009: Well, they used to have the box shown. Now they have this one instead.

under-bed drawer with landscape painting

And here's the most unusual option - intended for use with toy trains. Y0u can't see it in the picture, but apparently it does come with caster wheels.The company also makes a double decker train table.

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