Monday, February 11, 2008

File with Style: Nine File Cabinets to Ogle

stylish 2-drawer wood file cabinet

Want some attractive file cabinets? Apartment Therapy has a great listing. (But watch out; attractive isn't always functional. For example, the last I knew IKEA file cabinets were not full extension - which means you'll have a much harder time reaching the back of the drawer.)

And here are some that Apartment Therapy missed.

1. Pompanoosuc Mills make the stunning file cabinet shown above.

3-drawer wood file cabinet

2. The curator's file cabinets sold by The New York First Company are made to order from locally-harvested hardwoods.

stacking file cabinets; three stacks - one tall, two tall, and three tall

3. Levenger has these stacking file cabinets. Update on May 11, 2014: Levenger no longer sells these file cabinets.

2 wood file cabinets - one 2-drawer and one 4-drawer

4. Greentea Design also has nice file cabinets available in elm or gingko wood.

teak file cabinets, 3 sizes

5. Teak is another option. Update on Jan. 31, 2013: I'm  no longer finding these cabinets.

2-drawer wood file cabinet

6. The Wooden Duck has recycled teak file cabinets. Update on Feb. 17, 2013: I'm no longer finding any file cabinets at The Wooden Duck.

2-drawer mission-style file cabinet

7. I've never seen anything like this mission-style file cabinet.

blue 2-drawer steel file cabinet

8. Over at Twenty Gauge you can get steel file cabinets in a wide range of colors.

green and orange 2-drawer metal file cabinets

9. And the Iris filing cabinet is another metal option. Update on June 1, 2010: This product disappeared from the web site where I first saw it quite a while ago - but I just found it again! It's made by Reform.


Alyssum Pohl said...

These are MARVELOUS!!! Thanks for sharing, I've been searching the apttherapy archives for just the thing, and I found a link there in the comments to this blog.

Jeri Dansky said...

Alyssum, I'm so glad you like these!

lucky lucky girl said...

I found the Reform website but I can't figure out how to buy these filing cabinets which I LOVE!!! Thanks.

Jeri Dansky said...

Lucky lucky girl, I'd suggest contacting Reform (which is based in Los Angeles) to ask how you might buy one. You can do that by phone (323 256-1446) or by e-mail (