Sunday, February 24, 2008

But How Do I Store the Boots?

boots hanging in a closet

Looking at this picture on the web site reminded me that while I've written quite a lot about shoe storage, I've barely touched on boots. That particular product is the pricey boot tree sold by LA Closet Design - but there are many other options.

boot shapers with hangers, in package

The boot shapers with hangers made by Austin-Abbott use the same approach and cost much less. If you'd like boot shapers and don't care about the hangers, there are many other options.

boot hanger

For a different sort of hanging option, there's the boot hanger from Bootique.

riding boot hanger - with and without boots

And then there's this boot hanger intended for English riding boots, Western boots, and certain motorcycle boots. The hanger is inserted through the pull strap loops.

rack with boots hanging upside down

A totally different approach is to hang the boots upside down. You could use the rack shown above, or one of many similar products.

wood rack for hanging boots upside down; also has shelf for caps or whatever

Brundlefly has some nice boot racks made from pine and oak. Update on January 9, 2012: Brundlefly no longer sells this product, but it has a similarly-styled rack for children's boots.

boot hanger with boots hanging upside down on a closet rod

Here's an upside-down boot hanger that goes over a closet rod.

boots on rack with tall pegs

Then there's the approach involving putting boots over pegs. I've shown this one from Brundlefly before, but it's nice enough to shown again.

floor boot rack, blue, with 2 pairs of boots, upside down

These welly boot racks use the same approach but have a totally different style.

hanging (wall-mounted) boot rack with 4 pairs of boots on it

And if you like the peg approach but don't want the boots on the floor, there's this wall-mounted Wellington boot rack.

clear boot box with tall black boots inside

Finally, there's always the simple boot box option. [via Mighty Goods]


Louise said...

I've been struggling with boot storage this week myself. I like the closet hook/hanger ideas, even though I have very little closet space.

I do have one funky little cupboard that doesn't lend itself well to storing anything else. For some reason, it gets dusty in there and so I don't like to put clothing inside. Shoes/boots were a good compromise, but I couldn't make them all fit.

Eventually the solution that occurred to me was to get rid of a pair of boots. Since I only had 4 pair, that's a 25% reduction :-)

Jeri, you find the most unusual storage ideas, and I just love your blog!

Jeri Dansky said...

Thank you, Louise!

And getting rid of one pair of boots sounds like a fine solution. Funny how realizing "maybe I don't need everything" can solve all sorts of storage issues!

Given where I live, and that I seldom travel to snow country, I have only one pair of boots myself - so boot storage isn't a challenge for me.

But I just solved my tea storage challenge by giving away some of my tea.

Anonymous said...

A shelf at the top of any closet is still the best way to store boots. You can see them and reach them with a tool if you do not want to climb.

Jeri Dansky said...

Anonymous, that's certainly one way to store the boots, and well worth mentioning. But my experience tells me that "best" depends on each person's situation; what's best for one person often is not best for another.

Anonymous said...

A shelf or floor is great only if the boots stand on there own. Most of my wifes boots flop to the side without some support inside, but the supports never seem to find there way into the boots. ;) I will try the hangers or pegs and see if they will make it onto those!

Unknown said...

One way to keep boots from flopping to the side is to put empty liter soda bottles inside the shaft of the boot. Keeps them in great shape. Love the idea of storing on the top shelf of the closet!!!