Friday, February 1, 2008

Paper Clip Holders with Pizzazz - for Office Supply Addicts and More

paper clip holder shaped like cat inside a green bowl

I still think the drip clips are fun, and so is the Dozi paper clip holder. But here are some more interesting paper clip holders to consider.

1. Kado-fix in Belgium sells this Kam Kam Clip Container; there's also a Don Don Clip Container that's a dog. The cat version is also available at The Cat Connection. Update on July 14, 2011: Neither of those vendors seems to sell this product any more. But you can get both the Kam Kam and the Don Don clip containers from Red8Apple.

devil paper clip holder

2. Then there's the devil paper clip holder.

paper clip holder shaped like hollowed out gold ball

3. There's even a paper clip holder for golfers. (Don't like the turf? See the executive version.) Update on Oct. 31, 2010: Neither of these is available from the original place I found them. But there are plenty of other choices of golfers: here and here and here.)

wood magnetic paper clip holder

4. The classiest might be this magnetic paper clip holder made from Rimu timber from New Zealand. The wood is sourced from recycled timber and salvaged logs.

magnetic paper clip holder

5. The Cubic magnetic clip holder is another stylish option. Update on July 14, 2011: This product doesn't seem to be available any more.

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