Thursday, February 7, 2008

Who Needs Another Coffee Mug? Pen? Free Calendar?

Joe Blundo of the Columbus Dispatch has a fun riff on clutter. Here's just part to tempt you to read the whole thing.
Like most other people, I'm about as organized as I have to be.

I take a cattle-rancher approach to organization: I loosely corral things. I have free-range car keys.

This works except when it doesn't. At that point, I do the only thing I can do: blame others.

The nation produces too much stuff. No wonder I can't find anything.

Here's my list of what we have too much of:

Coffee mugs

By my estimate, we could have stopped producing coffee mugs in 1969 and still have three for every American.

Why do we make so many of these things? They don't wear out. They don't become obsolete. They don't malfunction unless you drop them on a concrete floor.

Let's put a moratorium on the making of mugs until 2025.

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