Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Update: How to NOT Lose Your Eyelasses

box holding three pairs of glasses

Do you misplace your glasses - putting them in danger of being not just lost, but stepped upon or otherwise squished? Since I last wrote about eyeglass holders, I've found some more interesting options.

The Jewelry Box Connection has some attractive boxes - plain or patterned, in a number of colors - that hold three pairs of glasses.

eyeglass holder in shape of a face

Bright Hope International provides this soapstone eyeglass holder made in Kenya; you can get the same design in wood, too.

two eyeglass holders, in tapestry and vinyl

For a more prosaic option, see these holders (in tapestry or black vinyl) from Miles Kimball.

two cat-shaped eyeglass holders

And then there are the Optipets (Opticat and Optipup) from Visipak Gifts, seemingly intended for displays in eyeglass stores, but also available for individual purchase (rather than in cases of 12) from 4readers.com and Eye Care Fashion.

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