Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Smith & Hawken Wants You to Get Organized

Smith & Hawken ad for fall clean-up; chalkboard to-do list has Get Organized as number one

When I saw the above on the Smith & Hawken home page a few weeks ago, I got curious as to what organizing-related products they might sell. And while Smith & Hawken will never be a major source of such supplies, they did have a few nice items.

chicken coop cubbies

These chicken coop cubbies were one item that caught my eye. (You can also get chicken coop cubbies from Sundance.) Update on August 19, 2011: Sundance no longer sells this these cubbies.

deluxe cedar hutch

There are a couple of nice cedar hutches intended for storing garden tools. That's the deluxe version; there's also a single hutch which is just the part to the right in the picture above.

Christmas tree storage bag

And Smith & Hawken is one of many places you can buy tree, garland, and wreath storage bags. Amazingly enough, Smith & Hawken didn't manage to fit their red wellies into this picture.

Update on July 10, 2009: Smith & Hawken is going out of business, and is no longer taking internet orders - so the original links to these products no longer work. You may still be able to buy products at the stores.

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