Thursday, October 18, 2007

Small Space Organizing: Living in a Bus

bus named Odyssey - interior

You think you have space constraints? Try making your home in a bus! When reader Louise commented on an earlier post, I found the blog that she and Sean use to keep friends and family updated about their travels.

While the travel stories are great fun to read, there are also a number of reflections on making the most of a small space, especially on Small Space Saturdays. But the following was part of a much longer post Sean wrote for Blog Action Day:
Living in a 300 square foot space means that one simply can not accumulate "stuff." If I buy three new shirts, then three old shirts have to go to the Goodwill (or the trash -- I tend to wear my clothes out). When we bought a new pot recently, the old one went on eBay.

Since we have mostly nice things, and we are mostly happy with them, the idea of giving or throwing them away is a powerful disincentive to bringing anything different into our lives. As a consequence, we have generally "checked out" of the American consumer culture. We simply do not buy very much "stuff." When we do, it is a real treat -- I just bought a new GPS to replace a five-year-old unit that wouldn't fit where I needed it (the old one, and all its clunky accessories, was sold on eBay). Louise treated herself to new towels for her birthday yesterday (the old ones will be donated someplace).
Best wishes to Sean and Louise - maybe I'll get to meet them someday if they swing by their old stomping grounds out here in California.

Update on May 2, 2012: I DID get to meet Louise on one of their visits here!


Matt Tori said...

I am a writer who writes on all things automobiles, and found your great site. I thought you would like to know about a product I recently incorporated into a recent article on Car Show Preparation I wrote, and it is about the Spectamax sticker holder. This is a box that you suction cup to your windshield and it holds 8 stickers that you would normally attach to your windshield. You can easily switch to whatever sticker you need to show at a particular time. As a judge for car shows, I judge based on appearance of the car, and an organized car scores more points. This includes stickers any kind, aftermarket, or OEM) and how they have been placed. The Spectamax sticker holder takes this out of my equation because the car owner can put the stickers away for the show. Not to mention the privacy concerns with showing all the spectators that you have a parking permit for "Lakeview Court" and allowing a thief to know where you keep the car.

Great site! Thanks~!

Jeri Dansky said...

Matt, thanks for pointing me to an interesting product. But do all those stickers that say "valid only when attached to windshield" accept this? I'm sure they are trying to avoid sticker sharing, which the Spectamax product promotes.

And now I feel an "organizing your car"post coming on ...

Matt Tori said...

Hi Jeri:

You bring up a good point. Of the 5 stickers I have, only one (for the beach parking)says "must be affixed to the windshield" and even that one, I put inside the Spectamax, and have never had an issue entering the beach. I love it, because it keeps my windshield nice and neat. Take care...