Monday, October 15, 2007

Environmental Tip: Mothballs, Be Gone!


Today is Blog Action Day, uniting bloggers around the world in writing about the environment.

When Dosh Dosh pointed me to The Daily Green, and I saw the July tip that explains why mothballs are such a bad idea, I knew I had my topic for today. Who wants to bring such nasty chemicals into his or her home? The tip also lists the many alternatives that can be used.

Martha Stewart also weighs in against mothballs, saying, "These can thwart infestations but come with many drawbacks, so you're probably better off without them."

Furthermore, Martha points out that "nothing discourages clothes moths and carpet beetles more than keeping your woolen items clean and storing them correctly." "Before you pack up winter clothing for storage, wash or dry-clean garments that have been worn. This rids them of moth and beetle eggs and also eliminates perspiration remnants and food spills, which attract and nourish pests."

Purdue University notes that mothballs can be especially dangerous to children. The ASPCA warns that mothballs can be poisonous to animals.

And remember that mothballs are considered a hazardous waste - so if you need to get rid of some, please dispose of them properly.

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[image from The Monster in the Closet, at Environmental Health Perspectives]

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