Thursday, October 25, 2007

Paper Shredders Don't Have to be Boring

Hello Kitty shredder from Sanrio; pink

Want a cute shredder? You're in luck; surprisingly, there are a number of choices. The obvious starting point for all things cute is Hello Kitty, so here's the Hello Kitty shredder from Sanrio. [Via Hello Kitty Hell] Update on June 11, 2010: This shredder is no longer shown on the Sanrio web site.

Hello Kitty shredder

And here's another Hello Kitty shredder - one that's easier to purchase for those of us who don't read Japanese. The same company also sells a Winnie-the-Pooh shredder. Update on June 11, 2010: I'm no longer finding these products, either.

cow and frog hand-cranked paper shredders

These cow and frog hand-cranked paper shredders look like fun, but I can't figure out how you'd buy them. [via Shiny Shiny] Update on Jan. 17, 2012: Here's the cow shredder, available for purchase. However, the frog is sold out.

hippo shredder

But you can get an elephant or a hippo combination shredder/pencil sharpener from a number of on-line stores, including the San Diego Zoo's store, Perpetual Kid, and Karma Kiss. Update on Jan. 17, 2012: The San Diego Zoo and Perpetual Kid no longer carry these shredders, but Karma Kiss still has the elephant.

panda shredder

Pandas are right up there with Hello Kitty on the cuteness scale - so here's a panda shredder to complete this shredder collection. (This store also sells the hippo and elephant shredders.)

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Anonymous said...

I would sell my left arm for that cutesy hippo shredder!!

Jeri Dansky said...

Karen, keep your left arm - they sell for $10-$15 (plus tax, shipping and handling).