Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Leaving Your Shoes at the Door

stone with carving - picture of feet, and the words kindly remove your shoes

Whether you have an official shoes off policy (a growing trend) or just tend to kick them off at the doorway, you don't want the shoes to sit in an unruly pile. Here are some of the options for entryway shoe storage.

Wall-Mounted Shoes Racks

floating shoe rack from j-me

1. From j-me in London comes this rack that lets you shoes float above the floor; available in two lengths. You can buy it in the U.S. from a number of vendors, including Generate. If the dimensions aren't quite right for your space, you can follow Megan's lead and make your own. [via swissmiss]

shoe rack in the shape of feet
2. Charlotte Tangye Design also does a fun wall-mounted shoe rack. They are made in England, but worldwide shipping is available.

Wood Shoe Racks and Shelves

stackable mahogany shoe rack shelves

3. When it comes to basic shoes racks, these mahogany shelves from Frontgate are some of the most attractive I'm seen. Update on Jan. 1, 2012: Frontgate no longer carries these shelves, although it has another shoe rack. But this seems to be the Neu Home stackable shoe rack, which is available many places; here's just one.

oak shoe and boot rack - poles to place shoes on

4. This solid oak shoe and boot rack comes from Brundlefly.

Benches with Shoe Storage

boot bench

5. Brookstone has this boot bench, which also has a place for scarves, gloves and such. Update on Jan. 1, 2012: Brookstone no longer has this boot bench, but it does have a shoe storage bench.

bench with shoe cubbies

6. Home Decorators has a number of benches with shoe cubbies. Update on Jan. 1, 2012: Home Decorators no longer has this bench, although it has others such as this one.

foldable cedar bench and shoe rack

7. Problem Solvers has this cedar bench and shoe rack, which folds for easy storage.

tilt-out shoe storage bench

8. Here's a bench with tilt-out shoe storage, from Touch of Class.

Tansu style shoe storage bench

9. If you want your shoe bench to be a real work of art, look at the tansu style wood benches from Woodistry.

More Options

storage cubbies - for shoes or a wide range of other things

10. Brookstone has storage cubbies that could be used for shoes - and used for something else at a future time. Update on August 6, 2017: Brookstone no longer carries this product.

shoe storage cabinet with interior cubbies, Craftsman

11. Home Decorators sells a Craftsman shoe storage cabinet.

shoe storage tansu

12. And if you want top of the line, you can get a custom shoe storage tansu from Berkeley Mills.

Just for Fun

white markers on blue carpet, showing where shoes go

13. Felis de Pass bring us shoeparking - a sticker stuck to the floor, giving the shoes an assigned parking spot.

shoe bench with cat

14. Green Tea Design calls this a shoe bench, and it seems to be a lovely piece - but what attracted my eye was the cat.

[stone sold by StoneWise]


Sarah Kimmel said...

I LOVE that wall mounted shoe rack! I need to go purchase it now! Thank you so much for this messy pile of shoes will be a thing of the past!

Jeri Dansky said...

You're very welcome, Sarah - I'm delighted to know it helped you!

Andamom said...

We recently got rid of our shoe rack and instead moved our cubby hole bookcase (from IKEA) to the front door area. Because we're in a Brooklyn apartment, we don't have a lot of space and the cubbies above the bottom ones where shoes are now stored are used for other things (books, toys, etc.). Thus far, we are quite happy with the approach.

On a completely separate note, I noticed that your last name is the last name of my grandfather (who recently passed away). I was curious about a connection... Email me? (jules at andamom dot com)

Louise said...

Very nice post. Our space for storing shoes is very small and requires custom shelving, and I got some good ideas from this.

Jeri Dansky said...

Andamom, that sounds quite similar to what I've done. I had a carpenter add some built-in shelves right near my front door - there was actually a nice just perfect for this. They hold my shoes, slippers and socks I can offer to guests, and things on their way out of the house.

Louise, I'm delighted to know that got some good ideas. I'd be interested in hearing more about whatever you finally do.

Jeri Dansky said...

Louise, I just took a look at your web site - and now I understand more about your particular space challenges! I plan to follow your travels from now on - and smiling over the cat pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just happened across your blog. I love these shoe storage ideas...always a needed thing. Thanks for bringing them to my attention, and thanks for a helpful blog.

Jeri Dansky said...

Karen, glad to have you here! I just went over to your blogs, and I really like your post about (not) fitting in.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Thankyou so much for linking to my blog.

Some really great ideas here.

Anonymous said...

I purchased a large heavy duty basket, the kind you might put a large plant in or the kind you might use to store old newspapers. Anyhow, I just kick off my shoes, into the basket. Once a week empty the basket and put shoes back in bedroom closet.

Got one for my husband to keep in the bedroom. Before he would leave his shoes all over the floor in whatever space he could find.

Jeri Dansky said...

Another fine idea, Anonymous. I'm delighted that you found something that seems to be working well for you. Thanks for sharing!

John Banta said...

Hi Jeri,

My name is John Banta. I am an author and indoor environmental consultant. I have posted a link to your blog that will appear in my blog tomorrow regarding "Going Shoeless".

On January 1 of this year I began 1:5:10:365blog as a way to help people become better stewards for our home and planet. I am asking people to spend one minute each day reading a new tip. If they want to use that tip then they should plan on spending five minutes learning additional information and ten minutes making it happen - Hence the name 1:5:10:365.

Thanks for your blog! I am looking forward to sharing it with my readers.

John Banta

Nancy N. said...

We use a bathroom bench from IKEA I placed three baskets on the bottom shelf and the top shelf is a good height for a bench. We also have room for three or four pairs of shoes underneath the whole thing.

Jeri Dansky said...

Nancy, thanks for writing; I'm always happy to hear what works well for my readers.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for something very specific. i like the x-back bench, but i want the storage to be able to tilt out. have you seen anything like that?

Jeri Dansky said...

Anonymous, I'm not sure what you're asking for. Option #8 (with the link just now updated) tilts out; it this not what you wanted?

patti said...

ok, i am LOVING the shoe parking.
i think that would work around our place very well.

tinagleisner said...

Love the photos you grabbed & yes, the Japanese are way ahead when it comes to storing shoes. As I've been unable to find a photo of an entry into a Japanese home showing the shoe closet and more important step up (none of my photos from living there are digital ... early '90s), I included a link to this page in my article on mudrooms,

Anna said...

Louise, I just took a look at your web site - and now I understand more about your particular space challenges! I plan to follow your travels from now on - and smiling over the cat pictures.