Friday, October 26, 2007

Once More: Making the Most of Children's Art

I wrote about options for preserving your child's best art work earlier this month - but now fellow organizer Jennie Glasscock from Austin has pointed me to another company that can help.

Artimus Art will create an on-line gallery of your child's art, and also produce a customized book of selected pieces.


Andamom said...

Cute idea... I'm planning on trying to organize my childrens' artwork soon (keep getting held back by that pesky thing called work -- a la why I am online right now...) Part of me thinks that scanning the art is a good idea -- but another part of me thinks that some of it should be preserved in frames or in a pizza box (I read that recently ;) )

Jeri Dansky said...

Pizza boxes will work to keep the art safe from getting wrinkled and torn, or lost among other papers. Be sure to save the boxes someplace without humidity/moisture problems, to help preserve the art and keep away bugs that like to eat paper.

In the book Saving Stuff, the authors say the absolute best way to preserve a child's paintings or drawings is to frame them. Then you need to be careful about placement - never hanging them above a radiator, heat vent or fireplace, for example - or anyplace that receives direct sunlight.

Of course, you can scan the artwork AND keep the originals for framing or whatever. That's the absolute best protection, since if anything happens to the originals in some sort of natural disaster, you would still have the scans.

Anonymous said...

SouvenarteBooks in New York makes beautiful books so that you can enjoy looking at the art from time to time. I made my book but never threw out the originals but they are tucked away in a safe place for now --- in a book! and in the attic!!