Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Back to Basics: Step Files

basic wire step file

I don't carry a whole lot of organizing tools in my car - but one thing I always have with me is a step file, also known as an incline sorter. These are often useful for action files - those with stuff you need to work on now - or very soon. They might hold bills to pay, notes on calls to be returned, phone numbers to be entered into your computer, items to discuss with a colleague or spouse, information related to your current hot project, etc.

That's a basic step file from Fellowes shown above; you can find something similar at any decent office supplies store.

wood step file

If you want something fancier than the common plastic or wire versions, there's this lovely one from WoodWorx, available in three different wood finishes.

fancier plastic step file

And there are a few more variations on the theme. One is the StationMate from Ultimate Office.

vertical file

And there's also this vertical file, available at The Container Store. Thanks to fellow organizer Suzanne Chilson of simplified living organizational services for the pointer to this one.

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