Sunday, October 7, 2007

Making the Most of Children's Art

child's picture of girl in blue dress

Of course you can save your child's best artwork in a scrapbook or an archival-quality box. But for a few special treasures, you may want to do more.

I've already written about ForKeeps, which will create a book of your child's best artwork. Update on Sept. 7, 2011: ForKeeps has disappeared.

And my July 2007 newsletter mentioned Scribble Couture, which lets you create a clutch or tote bag from your child's artwork. Update on Sept. 7, 2011: Scribble Couture has disappeared, too.

But now, thanks to Parent Hacks, I also know about The Kinder Studio. Here's what they do, in their own words:

We specialize in reproducing children's art. Let us transform your kid's paintings and drawings into matted, framed, exhibit-worthy masterpieces. You send us the art, we do the rest.

They can also create note cards from your child's creation, rather than a framed print.

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