Sunday, September 28, 2008

15 Notable Canister Sets: From Simple to Silly

ginkgo canisters

I no longer have a set of kitchen canisters on my counter top, but canisters can be used for both traditional purposes and for storing all sorts of other stuff. The canisters above are one-of-a-kind by Suzanne Crane - and very expensive - but there are lots of interesting canisters out there.

stainless steel canisters, four sized

For a simple and elegant look, here are some stainless steel canisters. Update on Oct. 14, 2012: I'm no longer finding these canisters.

white porcelain canister

Or take a look at this porcelain canister. [via While I work]

blue canister

I never realized until tonight that Emile Henry makes canisters. Update on Oct. 14, 2012: And it seems the company no longer does. 

copper canisters

And another simple look are the copper canisters from Old Dutch International. These are the brushed copper; they make hammered copper canisters, too. Update on Oct. 14, 2012: I'm not finding these any more, either.


Brabantia has canisters with windows, so you can see how full they are.

canisters with spoons

The miam.miam Cuddle Canisters are clever.

coffee canister with spoon

And Tin Woodsman Pewter makes coffee canisters that come with spoons. Update on May 9, 2010: Tin Woodsman Pewter is now Crosby & Taylor.

white ceramic canisters

Gracious Goods ceramic canisters come from Italy.

three stoneware canisters

Greenport Pottery makes stoneware canisters.

canisters in olive and blue

The Pantone canisters are fun for anyone into color; I just wish there were more than five color options. Update on Oct. 14, 2012: I'm no longer finding these exact canisters, but I can find something similar in red and black.

pueblo canister set

OK, enough with the restrained looks. Here's a pueblo canister set, available in four different colors.

canal house canisters in blue and white

Or for a different style of building, there's the Delft canal house canisters.

Talavera canister

If you want colorful, there's always the Talavera canisters.

cat-shaped canisters
And finally, I just couldn't resist these kitty canisters. Update on Oct. 14, 2012: These seem to have disappeared from the marketplace.

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